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One thing that makes Flooded Screen Prints unique is that every shirt is hand printed in-house here in North Carolina. Each shirt is printed exclusively using eco-friendly inks and the finest apparel available! This process in combination with the highest quality threads, creates an amazingly soft product you can feel good about. Take a look at the FAQ's to get more information and if you are interested in working together, you can fill out the contact form below. Or simply download the order form and email it with any questions directly to

Quick & Easy Ordering Process


Every job begins with a quote – after getting the details from you we’ll send you a custom quote.


  • After collecting payment, we’ll work on your mock ups for your artwork.
  • You’ll receive artwork mock-up via email and / or text message.


  • After receiving your approval, your job get added out to our production calendar.
  • You’ll be notified upon completion for pick up or for shipping.

Screen Printing

Flooded Screen Prints has spent time developing production capabilities to form-fit the needs of our customers. Although technology has contributed greatly to automating the wholesale production process, there still remains an art to screen printing that we hold dear.

The screen print process involves several steps before actually getting to the point where we can begin applying ink to the garment, including burning a screen or stencil for each color in the graphic to be printed. Although this translates to setup work for each color, our technology and equipment at Superior Ink allows us to do accomplish the job quickly and efficiently.

As you can imagine, screen printing becomes much more cost effective when printing larger quantities. For printed custom apparel including t-shirts, re-labeling, or general garment printing we have a minimum of 24 pieces for the first color in the artwork and a 12 piece minimum for each additional color.


Do you have just a few items that you would to have created? if the answer is yes, then vinyl is the way to go. Vinyl printing is suitable for very small runs of up to 16 t-shirts. That’s due to the fact that the set-up time is little relative to that of screen printing. However, this method is much slower than screen printing as each t-shirt needs its own set up.

Vinyl printing is best suited for simple graphics. If you’re looking to create basic shapes or text-based designs, this is the method to use. Need to print jersey numbers for your high school soccer team? Excellent! Excellent! Want a sleek photograph of the Black Panther on your t-shirt? This method just won’t cut it. With vinyl printing, there’s no way you can come up with true gradients (blending of colors); fine details will easily get lost.


These days embroidery has blossomed into a billion dollar industry and used for a variety of different mediums. This process is most common for hats, polos, jackets, bags and other specialty items. Embroidery is the process of needle and thread. The selected image is stitched many times over to create your design, logo or pattern on an garment that would otherwise be tricky for print.

There are things to consider when selecting embroidery as your decoration process. The “thread count” is a term used to determine the detail used for your image. The higher the thread count, the cleaner and more detailed the sew out will be. Not every image will be applicable to the embroidery process. There are some images that are simply too detailed to sew. Gradients and color blends are impossible to sew out, so vector and solid body colors are necessary to use this process.

Absolutely Stunning

My family loved the shirts ordered for our family reunion! The t-shirt & design quality are both affordable & great. Flooded Screen Prints was very helpful during the design layout process. They communicate well and the turnaround was timely. I definitely would use again and recommend use to others.

Bachelorette Ready

I had t-shirts made for a Bachelorette Party in Asheville. They were perfect! The racerback t-shirts were of great quality... withstood 1.5 hr yoga class and a 6 mile hike. We had numerous compliments on them!!

Nailed It!

We had an order for t-shirts for a class reunion and they nailed it! From the design that they created to the quality of the t-shirts to pricing - everything was done with excellence! They even accommodated my short turn-around time and had shirts ready at the promised deadline. I look forward to working with them again in the near future!

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